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Packaging Express has the best capabilities for digital print in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Digitally printed packaging is a game changer for custom retail packaging, point of purchase displays, subscription boxes and so much more.  We can offer corrugated packaging with full color artwork with low minimums and no print plate fees!

VALUE:  Digitally printed packaging does not require print plates, which can cost several thousand dollars.  And there are no minimums, so you can order just what you need without having obsolete inventory sitting in your warehouse!


FLEXIBILITY: Small runs for focus groups, test marketing campaigns, or in-store trials.  Or print for specific target groups by geographical location, demographic or product/brand.  You can even do multiple versions of your custom corrugated packaging.  Digital print gives you all of this flexibility!

speed: Our digital print capabilities of single-pass printing allows us to complete custom jobs faster than other corrugated box manufacturers in the region.  We can deliver brilliant graphics at amazing speeds!


creativity: There are no limitations to what you can do with digital print.  Maximize the entire landscape of your custom packaging with color and graphics, from small mailers to large POP displays!


Contact us today to discuss digitally printed custom packaging for your brand!

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