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Custom Packaging At Its Best

We at Packaging Express work with so many different types of organizations and end users on their custom packaging, from manufacturers to retailers to start-ups.  Since we have some of the best machines in the state of Colorado for making corrugated boxes, we can offer a wide range of options to fit each person’s specific need.  We are also one of the last independent box makers that can offer the ability to apply high level artwork to corrugated material.

Just recently we worked on project for a lifestyle photographer out of Denver.  Jody was looking for boxes for shipping gifts to her clients.  Not just any box, but one-of-a-kind box.  Something that would represent her own brand.  She had a specific type and size in mind for this custom packaging.  And Jody wanted the shipping boxes to represent her work in lifestyle photography.  Our designers worked with her to develop the prefect custom box. 

Custom packaging
Another beautiful product from Packaging Express!

Jody wanted the packaging to display her photography to look flawless on the box with a matte feel to it.  The best option for this was a litho label process, where we print the artwork on paper sheets with a matte finish and apply it to the corrugated material with a special adhesive.  This is by far the most impactful of the three methods of putting your artwork on boxes. Litho labeling provides for a very rich premium multi-colored presentation for any brand.  We were able to do this for Jody both outside and inside the packaging. 

This special custom box came out beautifully.  These photos don’t do it justice.  The client loves these boxes and we are excited to have provided the perfect packaging for her!

Custom box
We applied Jody's artwork both outside and inside the box for a stunning look

Are you looking for custom packaging that represents you or your brand?  Contact us today!

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