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Joint Problems???

We can help! At Packaging Express we can glue your custom boxes together on one of our two Specialty Folder Gluers. We can glue 6,000 to 9,000 corrugated boxes an hour depending on the machine. However, today what we want to highlight in this blog article is that we can stitch (staple) your boxes on one of our two Stitching Machines. We can even stitch and glue (glitch) a joint at the same time.

Our semi-automatic SL 25/29-39 Bahmuler Sealing Champion is an ideal companion for the efficient production of your corrugated boxes. At Packaging Express our machine offers a high level of flexibility of using multiple sealing methods. We provide all common sealing methods - stitch, glue and tape as well as combination sealing stitch/glue.

We also meet your demand, as part of the machine configuration, to have the ability to run triple wall.

Some of the highlights and benefits of our stitcher are listed below:

1. Consistent process accuracy

2. Exact positioning of the first stitch

3. Compact machine layout in modular construction - upgradable if production requirements demand

The working width of the machine is 114" / 153-1/2". This means we can stitch a blank that is 228" wide when the blank is folded it is 114" wide.

The production range of the machine is one and two piece boxes with a stitch/glue method.

Highlights of the stitch unit are:

-Oscillating application head - 750 stitches per minute

-Stitch distance 20-80 mm (4/5" to 3-1/5")

-Sealing combination stitch / glue is possible

Another feature that is really cool is the Crushing Unit. The benefits are:

-Reducing board caliper to securely stitch triple wall

-Crushing of blanks during stitch process

-Seamlessly adjustable production speed

-Reduction of stack height

-Flatter stack level allowing for higher stacks

Contact Packaging Express today for all of your stitching and gluing needs!

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