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Premium Packaging Makes An Impact

A recent study completed by the University of Wisconsin, in partnership with Pregis, found that quality packaging has a definite impact on the consumer. The perceived value of the product is directly related to the packaging that it comes in. The study found packaging boxes can make the item look attractive, prestigious or even cheap – depending on the type of custom box it comes in. For example, the results found that premium custom packaging can give the product a 45% higher perceived value when compared to economy packaging. Pregis also found in the study that when a consumer is searching for a gift, there was a 15% gain in the product being purchased when packed in a premium custom box. Based on the results of this study, it is fair to say that the quality of custom boxes can directly influence the consumer’s emotion when making the final purchase.

At Packaging Express we are the experts when it comes to taking your custom packaging to the highest level of quality. Gone are the days of plain brown cardboard boxes! Today there are so many new options for custom corrugated boxes that can give your product the best presentation in the world of retail and e-commerce. We are one of the only box companies in Colorado that can offer digital print in any color on corrugated material. And there are no minimums, so no job is too small or too big for us! For the most premium custom packaging, we have the ability to offer high-resolution litho label on corrugated material. This is the most impactful for custom packaging boxes as it provides a very rich premium multi-colored packaging for your product.

Big Sky Racks is a perfect example of how Packaging Express was able to greatly improve one’s packaging boxes. In the images below you can see their prior retail box was just black print on white corrugated material. We then took their creative look to a whole new level with hi-res litho label! This gave them the opportunity to add rich colors and graphics to make their custom box visually impactful to the consumer, not to mention expand on the selling points for their product.

If you feel your custom boxes with logo could be more impactful for your target consumer, then contact Packaging Express today! We have manufacturing facilities located in both Denver and Colorado Springs with the best box making machines in the state of Colorado.

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