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Make an impression with branded custom packaging!

Your brand is one of the most important assets of your business. It’s not just your logo or business name, it is your product, it is your service, it is the colors in your marketing campaigns and it is the quality of your packaging. Think about those companies that take advantage of custom boxes with their logo to build their brand awareness. Amazon. Blue Apron. Even small businesses are taking advantage of their shipping boxes to build their brand.

Branded packaging is like free advertising. Putting your logo on your boxes is a powerful way to get free brand awareness. Think of all of the people who will see your branded box as it makes its way to the final destination. It is going to cross paths with many people along the way. And it’s not just about putting your logo on the box, but so much more! You can show your website URL along with your logo, or you can have your customer service phone number or a special offer printed on the inside of the box. The possibilities are endless!

Scroll through these images to see the many types of branded custom boxes and custom packaging that we can manufacture!

Even social media can pick up on branded packaging. People love to post on social media or video themselves opening-up boxes that they received in the mail. Custom boxes are part of your brand experience for the customer and provides a level of perceived value over those who ship in plain and sometimes boring brown boxes.

Packaging Express is one of the only custom packaging companies that has the ability to do digital print on corrugated boxes in all colors but white. We have three different methods in which we can do custom corrugated boxes with logo on them.

1. Direct Print: This method is perfect for your large quantity runs where we use print plates as we manufacture the boxes to be cost-effective.

2. Digital Print: We can print any color on corrugated material using our digital printers, which sets us apart from our competitors. And we can digitally print any quantity of boxes – no job is too small!

3. High-Resolution Litho Label: This is by far the most impactful of the three methods of putting your artwork on boxes. Litho labeling provides for a very rich premium multi-colored presentation for your brand. View our Product Galley for examples.

We can also utilize these three methods for your retail box, pop display, and shelf ready packaging.

You are missing an opportunity if you are not investing in branded packaging.

Placing your brand on your custom boxes is not as expensive as it once was.

Contact us today for more information!

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